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Personal Exploration

Much like distilling, making what I want to say fit in 140 chars, can take a good few days.

Much like distilling, making what I want to say fit in 140 chars, can take a good few days.

In the last few days I have been talking a lot about the new exploration mechanics (and the changes being made to them). All the posts can be found below:

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Twitter really isn’t the best medium for communication. I never really got the bug for it, and to be honest I hate having to try to limit my expression to an arbitrary character limit. I hear the argument that imposing the limit distills the information to get you the interesting facts fast, but I disagree. Can anyone truly argue that this is better than the book?


“Little, hairy people + wizard/dwarves/elves take a really long time to triumph over evil.”


Could a religion (for better or worse) have sprouted from:


“God makes world. God makes people, gets angry with them & makes them follow rules.”




I don’t think so. But I Digress. I do have a presence on twitter, partly because it is useful for publicising this blog, but mostly because I believe that twitter & tweetfleet are an important part of the eve community/meta. And both community and meta are important to me. The reason why I bring this up is because I had a good (if character limited) conversation with @MagnificentHaze yesterday evening surrounding my post on the Exploration changes (no I am not as mad as I made out honest). You can find the full conversation on twitter (if you know how to use it better than I do). But it came down to a discussion on what was, and what was not good multiplayer experience.

[edit] Thanks again to Haze, who has given me a link to our conversation:


In the end I described how we as a group run the sites, and why I feel that the Loot spray was good multiplayer. First let me reiterate why the loot spray was good for single players.

  • It made you make tactical decisions on what to scope (even more so now that containers are named for what’s in them).
  • It required you to be a good manual flying pilot.


Ok so now how we run the sites. As a group of three we fly from system to system scanning down signatures, if there are more than one in a system, we split them up to scan them down faster. Once we have a site we warp in and power towards the can. When we arrive we divide the cans up between us, and all start hacking at the same time. When someone finds their system core they generally say something to the effect of “I’ve got it, ready for me to pop?”. This way we don’t all finish the hack at the same time and get overwhelmed. Assuming everyone says yes, the person who found to core kills is, and the rest of us ignore our hacking screens for a few moments to help tractor loot. This continues until all the containers are popped and the site is done. We do have to be careful about not moving more than 5-6K off the active hacking sites (as this explodes them), but good piloting skills makes this easy enough to do. We also have to concentrate on not tractoring the same target (as this locks you out for a cycle), and ensuring we catch all the fastest moving cans before they stray too far. As a result of our teamwork we complete the site 3 times as fast as a solo player, and scoop 100% of the loot as opposed to the 50-60% of a solo player.


I just don’t understand how the change is an improvement over what the loot spray brought to the table.



Epic: The Right to Rule

Well I must have been bitten by the Epic arc bug because it really hasn’t been long after I finished the Sisters of Eve arc “Blood Stained Stars” and here I am packing up my Macha’ and toddling off to Kor-Azor (cheaters note, you can remote accept the first mission from the location it will tell you to go to [Nahyeen], netting a cool 2m for 4 clicks!) to meet with the starter agent for the Amarr arc “The Right to Rule”. Good job I’m not a poor newbie having to grind my way to 6.0 faction standing with Amarr Empire before I came on this, or I might not have subscribed ;).

Before I start I’m going to quickly plug Jowen Datloran’s site containing the Epic Arc guides I intend to use for my journey (if I haven’t replaced this with a complaint by the end of the post, assume they were all present and correct and didn’t get me killed).

Having read the guide above for the Amarr, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that if I were to follow the Amarr Epic Arc I would be able to pick between the Amarr and the Sansha its a nice twist from the sounds of it, and I’m looking forwards to seeing where the story takes me.

So pre set-up:
It looed like the Missions are advanced Lvl 4 Missions, so with a fair amount of confidence I pack up my lvl4 Macha’ and loaded it with ammon and hardeners for the journey ahead. This fitting is able to tank the Extravaganza missions, so I’m not expecting to much trouble (ok so I am, but I keep telling myself its ok). The fitting is as follows:

[Machariel, L4]

7x 800mm Repeating Artillery II (EMP L)

Experimental 100MN Afterburner I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II
Shield Boost Amplifier II
Gist B-Type X-Large Shield Booster

Damage Control II
3x Power Diagnostic System II
3x Gyrostabilizer II

3x Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

I usually (and in this case am) run with a good mix of Hammer Heads, Hobgoblins and Warriors for drones, and of course switch out the hardeners for mission specific (expecting EM/Therm but who knows). We’ll just have to see how it holds up in an Epic Arc. As with my previous posts on this, I will post my thoughts and feelings as I go updating with a new post if I break the session.
Well here goes.
Ok, so first mission done, important things first 10m collected for 20 minuets worth of mission about the same as a good level4 mission (and this is only the first). Difficulty wise it was about what I expected I would guess around 600-700 incoming DPS. Only shit-stick for me was the amount of Tracking Disruption going on at one stage I had 6 TD’s against me and my 800mm AC’s couldn’t track a barn if it’d warped in broad side on. I really don’t know if I can fit my way around that, with 7 TS’s I doubt a full rack of targeting computers would have worked. Only thing I can think of to mitigate that is running a missile ship really.

The visuals were still pretty good, although if anything not as good as the SoE arc. These are level 4’s so maybe we could have escalated to titans and super caps? on the other hand maybe a carrier would still be pretty awe inspiring to a new level 4 runner. At least this arc hasn’t asked me to traipse my arse across the galaxy, only to send me to go look at something this time… pew pew…

I did also have trouble deciding to loot & salvage or not. For now I haven’t, because its just to much bother to haul around a Noctis, but the stingy side of me doesn’t like leaving all the free isk out there to degrade or get stolen. Maybe I will get a full rack of tractors/Salvager’s in the hold of the macha’, and fit them up when I can, then run along later with a hauler to pick up my ill gotten gains… maybe even the Salvage Drones that come out tomorrow may mean I can salvage as I go…

Fly like a tight bastard,