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Retribution: The Morning After

Well, that was a refreshingly smooth expansion release! I was at work during the release itself, but my twitter feed seems to indicate that the servers were actually back up an hour early, despite some solo wormhold fixes by CCP Tuxford we seem to be up and running without any issues. Well… at least any release related issues. There is of course the subject of CapArmRepGate in which CCP put a tiny line in a patch notes to document a massive change (in effect a 25% drop in armour carrier remote rep). Just to add some spice to the mix, this change was only implemented because CCP believed that the nerf already existed for capital shield remote reps, which it did not. However this CCP Fozzie stepped up and apologised, promising a change roll-back in the next content patch. But still in comparison to past releases, and indeed release by other companies, this has been a very smooth ride.

Moving on from the release itself, I want to talk about my first impressions. First and foremost, the targeting UI. Wow, just wow. I wasn’t really that excited by this when it was announced (well a little excited, but not much), but I really was amazed by just how much such a relatively small UI change makes to the freshness of the game. It really makes the game feel that little bit more modern. That said I have one minor complaint; the bouncy new target lock. Specificity when you lock a new target and its details are added to your targeting bar, the targets you have already locked below it, bounce slightly like a stack of marshmallows having a pebble dropped on it. Now I don’t know about you, but when I describe the eve UI, and especially the parts of it concerned with killing people. I don’t want to have to use the words “Bouncy” or “Marshmellow” to describe it. I just don’t feel that soft spongy (more bad Kiling-UI words) feel it gives represents the hard ruthless feel of the eve universe. Also if your trying to sort targets into the wonderful new columns while the targets are bouncing up and down like a fricking set of double d’s in an earthquake, its very annoying.


Seriously thou that’s a nitpick, the UI changes are wonderful, new life into the old UI of eve. Esspecialy the new columns I breifly mentioned in the last paragraph, as a logistics, its great to be able to sort rep targets into columns by priority (and keep the enemy your trying to sneak a shot onto away from the friendly   It makes me wonder what effect it might have if CCP spent some time fixing the Windows 1.1 style windows in eve to something new. Who-knows maybe next patch?

Next up for me was the new NPC AI (I’m still working on some Epic Arc blog posts, but you’ll get more on this later). Again, for me, this was another breath of fresh-air into the game. I really don’t enjoy mission running that much these days, because its easy mode. Therefore anything which makes it a bit harder, or more interesting, is great news to me.

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had a look at the new cruisers as the moment (My RvB char couldn’t skill up in time to try the before cruisers out (nor the after ones for the matter), but given the excellent work that’s been going on so far in the re-balancing department, I have no doubt these will be great. Right now I’m just getting  ready for the Battleship changes to land, and the resulting 0.0 doctrine changes which might follow. As a side note, I love it when we get to fly something different in 0.0, especially if its something different from Armour carriers (because I cant fly them yet :p).

There are loads of other changes which are more subtle, and will come to light as game play continues (like the null-sec music), and things which will take a while to be seen (like the new modules and ships). Next blog I intend to look at what I hope will come in Summer 2013.

Fly bouncy,


Mining Barge Changes: The details

It would appear that the ORE Ship changes have come live on SiSi, bellow are the new stats (with changes in brackets), as found in this paste of stats: This is good news for Carebares, good news for gankers, and good news for the economy!
Mining barges
Armor: 1800 (+550)
Hold Capacity: 500 (-3500)
CPU: 255 (+55)
Structure: 2000 (+125)
Shield: 2200 (+1219)
Ore hold: 7000 (New)
Bonuses (per level of mining barge)
4% bonus to strip miner yield per level of mining barge (+17% assuming mining barge lvl5)
3% reduction in ice harvest duration (new)
Total hold space: 7500 (+3500)
Extreme Yield
Effective miners: 3.6
Armor: 5000 (+4687)
Capacitor: 800 (+612.5)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-650)
CPU: 250 (+125)
Structure: 5500 (+5031)
PG:  45 (+10)
Shield: 6000 (+5805)
Shield Recharge: 2,500,000 (+1,875,000)
Signature Radius: 200 (+110)
Ore Hold: 15000 (new)
5% bonus to shield hit points per level of Mining Barge (new)
66.66% reduction to ice harvester duration and capacitor use (new)
200% bonus to strip miner yield (+197%)
Total hold space 15800 (+15187.5)
Extreme Defence
Effective miners: 2
Armor: 3200 (+2575)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-1650)
CPU: 235 (+110)
Structure: 3500 (+2562)
Low slots: 3 (+1)
Shields: 3800 (+3409)
Shield Recharge: 1,500,000 (+875,000)
Signature Radius 250 (+130)
Ore Hold: 20000 (new)
10% bonus to ore hold capacity per level of mining barge (new)
33.33% reduction in Ice Harvester duration and capacitor use (new)
50% bonus to strip miner yield (+35% if you assume mining barge lvl5)
Total hold space 20350 (+18700)
Extreme hold space
Effective miners: 3
The Yield bonuses seem all over the place until you remember that the barges Covetor is the only barge which fits 3 turrets, with the Retriever and procurer having 1 and 2 respectively. To reflect this I have added the Effective Miners stats which is equal to (High slots * bonus@lvl5). Average total hp increase of 8654. The Covetor seems to have gotten a meagre 1894 increase which pales in comparison to the Procurer and Retriever (+15523 and +8546 respectively). Hold space is way up, on all of them, with the retriever getting a whopping 30k space at mining barge level 5, that’s a quarter of a Orcas unfitted hold space.
Armor: 2300 (+1287)
Hold Capacity: 500 (-7500)
Structure: 2500 (-31)
Shields: 2700 (+1181)
Shield Recharge: 1,000,000 (+375,000)
Ore Hold: 7500 (new)
3% to trip miner yield per level of Mining barge (same)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
3% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumers (same)
4% reduction in ice harvest duration per level of exhumers (+1%)
Total hold space 8000 (+500)
Super yield
Effective Miners: 3.9
Armor: 3700 (+2912)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-5650)
CPU: 270 (+72)
Structure: 4000 (+2734)
Low Slots: 3 (+1)
Shield: 4300 (+3119)
Shield Recharge Rate: 1,500,000 (+875,000)
Signature Radius: 250 (+130)
Ore Hold: 25000 (new)
10% bonus to ore hold capacity per level of mining barge (new, replaces 3% strip miner yield)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
1% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumers (new)
1% reduction in ice harvest duration per level of exhumers (-4%)
50% bonus to strip miner yield (new, replaces 100% bonus to ice harvester yield)
33.33% reduction in ice harvester duration (new, replaces 25% penalty to duration)
Total hold space 25350 (+19700)
Super hold space
Effective miners: 3.1
Armor: 5500 (+5050)
Capacitor: 900 (+525)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-4150)
CPU: 270 (+82)
Structure: 6000 (+5367)
Low Slots: 5 (+1)
PG: 50 (+15)
Shield:  6500 (+5825)
Shield Recharge: 2,500,000 (+1,875,000)
Ore Hold: 17500
5% bonus to shield hit points per level of mining barge (+2%)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
1% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumer (new, replaces 60% bonus to mex yield)
1% reduction in ice harvester duration per level of exhumer (new, reduces mex cloud reduction)
200% bonus to strip miner yield (new)
66.66 reduction in ice harvester duration (new, replaces war strength +2)
total hold space 17850 (+13700)
super tank
Effective miners: 2.05
Again yield bonuses seem all over the place, until you factor in high slots. However the skiff seems a little out of sorts in comparison to its mining barge kin. The tanking and hold space mining barges have the same effective turrets, whereas in the exhumers the skill has 2.05 compared to the Mack 3.1, I’m guessing the argument is that T2 is all about specialisation, that or my calculations are out. All of the exhumers are getting a massive HP bonus (+9148 on average) The hulk again getting very little in comparison to the others (in order: 2437, 8765, 16242). There are also a lot of slot changes in the exhumers, an extra mid the for the Mack could make for a even better tank, and the skiff has an additional low, which could be used to either add more tank without compromising yield (DCU), or to add a laser upgrade, and close the gap between it and the Mack in terms of yield.
Final thoughts
I love these changes. They seem to represent a fantastic balance between risk and reward. Once these changes are live, any high sec miner complaining about suicide ganking can just be pointed at the skiff (and even the maka to some extent). Great work CCP.

[edit] got some of my numbers very wrong with effective miners… corrected now!