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Addendum to Micro Jump Drives

An addendum to the post: Micro Jump Drives

It seems that the idea was proposed in or around 2006: here.

Although it was shot down by players due to its use against gate camps. Interestingly the spool up time added to the module, coupled with the susceptibility to tackle means that this is no longer an issue.

The initial complaint was that if you could jump 100km from where you currently are you would be able to avoid gate camps & high sec ganking. However because you cannot use the drive (and this is reliant on my take on the drives description) while tackled, and it takes 8 seconds to spool up, to avoid a gate camp in it, you would need to take more than 8 seconds to align, but also more than 8 seconds to lock. I cant think of any example of where this might occur, so well done CCP on avoiding one issue.

Any way, I mainly wanted to add to this a little more about the source of the info:

It comes from a SISI data dump, which includes all the stats, some renaming of modules (Trauma to scourge) and the drone bounties (more on this here). The data can be found on pastebin: here.

It was also initially posted on Redit by sarmatiko.

The missile name change seems a bit suspicious to me (I wouldn’t put it past them, but really CCP, REALLY?). And the drone bounties are very unlikely to be the final numbers. However that doesn’t mean this is a test build which will never make it on to TQ. All the same, I have disclosed my data sources, and its up to you if you take this as gospel or with a whole truck of salt.