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Short Break

September 5th, 2012
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You may have noticed I have gone a bit in active these past few weeks. This is due to the culmination of a large Project, some RealLife™ and my impending trip to Iceland (for any English readers… NOT the shop!).

I’ll be staying in Reykjavik centre, so if anyone has any advice about food drink or activities, I’d welcome the advice. I will back, however in the meantime, enjoy this:

While I’m on the subject a few people have reached this site before searching Google for “eve online RMT guides” and “eve where to buy ISK” (paraphrased), if any future readers have reached this page as the result of a search of guides on how to remain undetected when violating the EULA and purchasing ISK from companies other than CCP. I will give you one piece of advice; the only places to buy ISK and not get a negative wallet in eve, is here. Its a little bit covert, but they run a line in ISK at a very good rate, just select Icelandic Krona from the list and you will receive your ISK. No EULA violation guaranteed.
Fly laughing,