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Blood Money (Short): RMT & Alliances

As you should know from all my posts labelled “Blood Money” I believe that too much money is currently in the hands of too few people. Yesterday CCP announced that they have begun reversing RMT transactions and that a truly massive amount of ISK has effectivly been removed from the market:
  • Around 105 accounts with direct ties to RMT (Real Money Trade) operations banned permanently
  • Between 1-3 trillion ISK in assets siezed permanently
  • Around 500 billion ISK in RMT transactions reversed
Now according to the dev blog, most of these accounts were banned with no warning because they were in some way directly involved in a RMT racket. However what’s interesting is that CCP has committed to not only countering the RMT rackets themselves but also using that data to trace and reverse transactions with these RMT characters. This is where it ties in with my Blood Money posts, it goes both ways. That is, both people who bought ISK and people who sold ISK to the rackets for re-sale. The question is, what will happen to the people who sold the ISK to the RMTer’s in the first place? are they counted as part of the racket and banned without warning? Because I believe that a lot of these will be directly linked to Alliances. I’m not so naive as to think that they would be so stupid as to use their main characters, nor that alliances are the main source of money flowing into RMT, but I think its going to be interesting watching dynamic of 0.0 over the next few weeks, and indeed the prices of Moon Goo. Will we see some alliances crumble as the interest in their space wanes? Could we even see a headless alliance as core members of leadership are linked to RMT rackets and banned without forewarning? Even if nothing happens in the immediate future, will we see an increase of money flowing out of NullSec as it becomes too risk to just sell it off. Or am I just a paranoid blogger with an over-active imagination?
Time will tell…