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Short and to the Point

Yesterday while walking home for work, I pondered the question which I am sure every eve player has at some point had to ask: How do I sum up eve online? I started mulling the question with the idea of writing a short paragraph which could be used. This was the first thing I went with:
“Eve is many things to many people”
Which frankly is airy fairy bullshit for “I don’t know where to start”. Worse if eve is many things to many people, maybe I should start to look into what those things are and to whom. So without further ado, I put the question to the masses. The masses of #tweetfleet that is:
Hey #tweetfleet can you give me your best go at summarising#eveonline in a single tweet? My best to follow. #secondgo #spellingmistake
— Harkconnan (@Harkconnan) March 19, 2013

#eveonline is Star Wars if Donald Trump was Darth Vader and Alan Sugar Mon Mothma #tweetfleet
— Harkconnan (@Harkconnan) March 19, 2013
Here are the responses I had:
@harkconnan terrible boring game but not as terrible and boring as every other MMO. has the potential to not be terrible and boring.
— wartzilla (@wartzilla) March 19, 2013

Well there is always one! I have to admit that eve can be terrible at times, and even boring; but I point back to last week’s post on what’s successful about eve. Wartzilla has a great point about potential thought. Eve is filled with potential (both un realised and realised).
@harkconnan #tweetfleet Paranoia, patience, planning, panic, pandaemonium, pride, then more paranoia!
— Corbin Nerobec (@corbin_nerobec) March 19, 2013

Alliteration! I love these, nicely put Corbin! I think he has a lot of the feeling that eve inspires in its players in there, especially the double dose of paranoia.
@harkconnan An amazingly deep, open-ended, genuinely massive, occasionally infuriating, fascinatingly complex, spaceship-based mmo.
— Laria Raven (@ARavenInSpace) March 19, 2013

Laria Raven has a good summery of the technical and emotional aspects of eve, including the space angle, which no one had mentioned yet! Complexity is a very good point which distinguishes eve as well.
@harkconnan spreadsheets and deadly sins in space
— Nalha Saldana (@Jeppz87) March 19, 2013

Nalha saldana went with the classic but succinct one here. Eve is starting to head away from spreadsheets these days, but it’s at a glacial pace.
RT @harkconnan: The most evil game ever. Love it!Hey #tweetfleet can you give me your best go at summarising#eveonline in a single tweet?
— Oddsodz (@Oddsodz) March 20, 2013

Oddsodz (whos name could be an entry in itself) has a great one on the idiosyncrasy a lot of us experience around eve.
I also put the question to a few of the Dirties guys, they gave me this:
“Frustration, difficulty, explosion YAY”
countered by
“Space, options, freedom, red boxed, Dead!”
and the most game play involved yet (if you don’t count “Boredom” as game play):

“A blend of sociopaths and neurosis distilled into their natural end point with the addition of immorality  like modern government with grenades added”

Keep em coming every one, Ill post any more tweets/suggestions I get on this one! I might try and design my own paragraph on eve, and distill all the tweets I get into a single statement as well at a later date.

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