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Monthly Update

Well it’s time again that I bemoan the lack of playing I’ve had in eve, and to be honestly I’m not inclined to disappoint on that front. Things are on the Up though, and the end of this particularly busy period is well within site (next update could be a very different kettle of fish, all things working out, which they won’t).


This month I managed a moderately healthy 57 hours of gaming of which sadly only around 7 were spent in eve. Most of these hours have been snippets of time grabbed here and there in between jobs and other responsibilities. When I have been able to grab some quality eve time, it’s never aligned with fleets. Thankfully I think this is already starting to change.


Firstly as I mentioned above the new few weeks is the final run in what has been an unusually busy year, the next few weeks see me having 1 day weekends (a positive improvement) followed by one last fully booked out weekend, and then the calendar is free (for the moment). There is no kidding that more things will get put in there (visiting wedding venues is the current favourite time filler), but I am hoping to return to my old standard of one week booked, one week free. Secondly  Goons appear to have moved in next door, and hopefully that many warm bodies next door should induce a far higher volume of fights than what I have been seeing so far.


I have also been suffering from somewhat of a lack of direction for my two alt accounts. One, a 70m SP PvE/FW account was lacking a new direction. However I have decided to give exploration another shot (now the rush has subsided), and so suddenly there is a fair few easily identifiable holes in the alts training. That should both stop the random training I have been doing previously as well as (hopefully) massively increase my play time (and Isk, if I’m lucky).


The Indy alt, which is a paltry 2m SP, has been suffering from my lack of time investment. I enjoyed the short bit of industry I did on it, but this month the little time I had has been invested in actually playing, rather than calculating if mineral prices are worth it (I refuse to mine). Thanks to a couple of stupid mistakes, and the fact she is now leveraged for PI as well currently that account is running on an ISK deficit of around 40m (so much for a money making account). I believe I could have reversed this however if I had the playtime, again this is something I intend to fix asap. She is also rapidly heading towards invention skill so that I can open another avenue for revenue on that account (if I get the time).


The main is still ticking along nicely on my “un-nerfable” skill plan, and combat ship wise, the only ones I cannot fly are Command ships Titans, two Dreads, one carrier and the legion. I cant use T2 Tracking disruptors or SEBOs other than that it’s all green ticks. Oh and I still haven’t trained Infomorph Synconising, but it’s still very much part of the plan.


Isk wise my redoubled efforts to make money seem to be paying off with my liquid and trading assets totalling to only 100m off my previous all-time record. That effort has given me an 8% increase in wealth this month (although 1bn of that was a Charon I found down the back of eves equivalent of the sofa, ignoring that luck it would have been about a 3% increase).Now I just have to fight the urge to relax and stop making money, especially as I have the arduous task for releasing several hundred assets purchased as a long term investment, which are scattered across the region. Still seeing as that is looking like a good solid 3-400% increase in value, I think I can manage the effort.


All in all I am still complaining, but things are looking on the up!


Fly when you can,





I’m not dead yet…

Today I just wanted to put a quick post up to explain the silence around here for the last few weeks. I will expound on reasons and results properly in my monthly update, but basically I decided to kick off a few big projects this month (including a LOT of back-end work for the site). As a result I have been working on some really big pieces, which are consuming all of my non-working, non-playing time, leaving no space for small or medium sized pieces.


Realising my mistake, I have placed one of the big projects on hold and should be completing the other in the next few days. Expect the content to return to normal levels soon!


Fly like a project manager,