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A non Hitatus

So the astute of you may have noticed we’ve changed our site… the even more astute (ok maybe even the less astute) might have spotted that this site, well, isn’t exactly ready…

So what happened? Well I’ve been planning this move for a while now, and the site has been up, mirroring or blogger site for a bit while I tweaked things to get ready for the big move. The plan was to get this site 100% ready before hitting the switch. Things were looking great, and the new site was advancing leaps and bounds. Yesterday, after fixing some of the bigger issues we were facing, I decided it was time to look into the move process.

The process involved 3 major changes, all of which were going to involve around 5 different businesses co-operating to transition the hosting (note this means a few companies were no longer going to be paid for their services and were required to hand over my property graciously), it also involved a legislative body updating their information. With the above in mind I expected (and was advised that) the process to take around a week to complete. This was why yesterday I kicked off the process (expecting to publish a hiatus excuse that evening and then finish decorating and updating the new site during the downtime.

Two hours later I was informed that the process was completed, and that I only need wait for the update of information. Three hours after than was up and running on the new site, all guns blazing. Unfortunately this meant that I have, at this stage, not finished the polish on this site. That’s right ladies and gents, I was unlucky because was lucky.

So in a rambling way what I am saying is: Sorry the site isn’t 100% at the moment, I am aware of the issues, and will be working to fix things. The rest of the Dirties have stepped up to the plate and given me some nice content to publish, to keep you all happy while I concentrate on getting things to my standards.

Fly lucky,




P.s. this is the first post on the new site… lets hope it goes well!

[fake edit] looks like isn’t working at the moment, I’ll be getting onto that asap. In the mean time, is functioning fine, so I will be using that in the short-term!